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On-Road Driving Experiences

Feel the wind in your hair as you try out one of our open-top sportscars on an on-road driving experience. Find out why you should buy a gift from Gift Experience South Africa. Vouchers are delivered as Gift Voucher or instantly printable E-tickets.

On-Road Driving Experiences


One day Cobra On-Road Experience, Cape Town

Experience the thrill of driving one of these stylish open top classic sports cars



Weekend Cobra On-Road Driving Experience, Cape Town

Uncover the secrets of the fairest Cape in this stylish open-top sportscar on a weekend hire.



Porsche Panamera GTS Half Day On-road drive, Cape Town

Be the centre of attention as you explore the streets of Cape Town on this half day on-raid driving experience that oozes Porsche performance and luxury.



Ferrari F430 Half Day On-road Driving Experience, Cape Town

Catch the glances of passers-by as you wind your way through the trendy streets of Cape Town with the top down on this Ferrari on-road driving experience.



Maserati Gran-Cabrio Sport Half Day On-road Driving Experience, Cape Town

Get behind the wheel of the luxurious and gorgeously styled Maserati and cruise the streets of Cape Town in style in this hands-on driving experience.