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Introducing the biggest and best range of flight experience gift vouchers in South Africa! From a tranquil hot air balloon ride to an adventurous stunt style helicopter flight to a hands-on flying experience, find your next flying experience waiting for you here! Find out why you should buy a gift from Gift Experience South Africa. Vouchers are delivered as Gift Voucher or instantly printable E-tickets.

Helicopter Scenic Flights

Helicopter Scenic Flights Prices from 1469 ZAR

These inspiring helicopter tours allow passengers to explore scenic cityscapes around SA from above.

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Hot Air Balloon Flights

Hot Air Balloon Flights Prices from 5659 ZAR

Experience the sublime thrill of a silent dawn flight over exquisite areas of natural beauty....

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Light Airplane Flights

Light Airplane Flights Prices from 829 ZAR

Take a light airplane flip and view some of the best scenery South Africa has to offer.

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Microlight flying Experiences

Microlight flying Experiences Prices from 729 ZAR

Feel the thrill of open-air flight in our tandem microlighting experiences. Experience amazing views and an unparalleled adventure!

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Skydiving and Freefall Experiences

Skydiving and Freefall Experiences Prices from 2729 ZAR

The ultimate adrenaline rush! Free fall from 10,000 ft at 220 kph strapped to your instructor. The biggest thrill in the skies!

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Tandem Paragliding

Tandem Paragliding Prices from 1139 ZAR

Harness the wind and fly the thermals on one of our scenic tandem paragliding experiences. All the fun without the fuss!

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