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30 Min Hands-on Introductory Flight, Cape Town

  • Breathtaking aerial discoveries of Cape Town
  • Professional and qualified instructors
  • Affordable exciting experience
  • Qualifies as flying time for your pilot's licence

A super early morning, accompanying a special customer, Tessa, to Morningstar airfield just outside Cape Town for a flying experience! This was an experience in itself, but what a fulfilling feeling to have helped her overcome her fear of flying and changing this to be one of her best experiences she has ever had.

Upon arrival, we went straight to the unmissable yellow Sling aircract in the open hangar. My daughter, of almost three who was joining us for the day, was astonished by this yellow airplane and we got happy snapping some great pictures.

We were welcomed by the crew and the professional flight instructor, who explained to our nervous, yet excited customer, that she will have a 20 minute safety briefing and some basic familiarisation of the aircraft before take-off.

She enjoyed the 30 minute flight tremendously and we could see from the ground how her excitement grew as she became more confident. Tessa got off that plane with the biggest smile plastered all over her face! This was the highlight of the day, as she had conquered her fears, and was eager to go again!

We were then treated to some warming hot chocolate from the friendly staff at the club house and soon it was my turn to fly.

What an exhilarating take off, fast and steady! Up in the air, the plane climbed to around 2000 feet with the airspeed at around 100 knots. At cruising altitude it was the ideal place to enjoy the breathtaking scenery of Cape Town. We had a crisp clear view of Table Mountain, some of the local farms, as well as the Table Bay coastline. What an unforgettable aerial discovery!

Throughout the experience, I was able to communicate with the instructor through headphones connected to the aircraft radio and listened to the air traffic control room and other aircraft in the area. This made the flight a breeze and very informative!

We had fun with an extra take-off to experience about 2.3 g-force which pulled me back in my seat and had my stomach in my throat for a few seconds. Definitely something to remember! We also did a sideslip flight manuever which had me enjoying the view from a different angle.

This trip is a great experience for those looking for an introduction to gaining a flying licence or simply an amazing flight and a fantastic experience! I can’t recommend it enough. You will make some of the greatest flying memories so your camera is a MUST!

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