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Make-up workshop for four, Multiple locations

  • Skin Care analysis
  • DIY Facial
  • Professional make-up artist
  • Instruction on make-up perfect for you

I don’t know make-up! My ‘kit’ includes an eyeliner so short that it should actually be thrown away because nothing is really there when I use it! A very old mascara – that is way too lumpy for elegance. And what is blush or eyeshadow? These words mean nothing to me.

I was very excited to get started on this make-up course, to just have a basic understanding of it. Our wonderful makeup artist arrived dragging a massive black crate, filled to the brim of stuff, and it hit me that I should maybe rethink my one eyeliner pencil, and clumpy mascara.

We experienced the make-up course first hand in our office, so every possible surface was covered in makeup, perfume bottles and face products that slightly terrified me.

We started with a skin care theory that really surprised me – it was an awesome informative session. I am now using these suggestions in my face cleaning regimen daily.

To create beautiful art from make-up, we had to start with a blank canvas. We followed steps on how to deep clean our faces with the use of her products, a bowl of warm water and a rooibos tea-bag that has plenty of antioxidant benefits.

Feeling fresh and revitalised, we set to work on our look. I wanted a natural look because I don’t use makeup that often.

We were shown the different brushes one would use, the products used to cover up blemishes and the way to put on eyeshadow without overdoing it.

As a gift, we were given a cleaning sponge, as well as an awesome beauty blender that really helps a lot in the morning when you’re putting your face on quickly without looking like an over-tanned ghost.

This is such a fun experience if you’re looking for a proper girl’s night out.

A great way to spoil the wife, girlfriend, sister and mom!

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